About newlyolder

I have moved into the early afternoon of my life. Mostly now I think I am old enough either to know better or to try it at least once and more if I like it. I have been with my best friend now for nearly 30 years. Not so long ago the Dr. asked me if I wanted him to stay whilst she performed an intimate examination,’of course, he is my best friend’ ‘I am sorry, she said, I thought he was your husband’ he is I said, ‘but he is my best friend as well’. We haven’t been married for 30 years as we met when we were teenagers. We have 3 wonderful children and we are proud of them everyday, and everyday they bring us tremendous joy, even more so now they are testing their wings and flying away. I am happy and still find something everyday that is still new and wonderful which I haven’t noticed before….or is it that my memory isn’t what it used to be!

I am by nature very nosy and I have feel as though I have just stepped off the mother ship and discovered a whole new world. The world of bloggers. This week I have been tickled, inspired and nourished by so many interesting people I haven’t met. Thank you other bloggers.

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  1. Sharmishtha says:

    you are so very blessed 🙂

  2. thynkspublications says:

    very nice!

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